GotScience Magazine

GotScience Magazine journalists and scientists work together to bring you the latest scientific research in a format that everyone can read. We read peer-reviewed journal articles, ask questions, check facts, and write up the results for you.

STEM Education Resource Center

The STEM Education Resource Center has distributed lab manuals and classroom discussion guides for high school and middle school to more than 500 teachers. We also partner with local groups to develop custom STEM literacy curricula. Science literacy can be fun and interactive, so we help children enjoy learning about science.

Citizen Science and Ecology Research

Citizen science is an effective partnership between scientists and nonscientists that, when done well, offers benefits to the participants and beyond. Scientists can gain valuable data, analysis, and assistance in performing high-level procedures; citizens can gain essential understanding of their environments and increased scientific literacy. Perhaps most important, countless species and habitats benefit from the large-scale, collective efforts that citizen science makes possible.