Earth Systems CCCNS SCI 156

Earth Systems science experiments for teachers and parents to enjoy with children ages 5-9 using items commonly found around the home. No specialized equipment is needed. These experiments are aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

The lab manual is a PDF download.


10 experiments in an 81 page lab manual digital download

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  1. Beans and Jumping Jacks as a Model for Environmental Change
  2. Create Your Own Mini-Biomes
  3. Explore the Composition and Structure of the Earth’s Interior
  4. From Small to Big: How Do Cells, Tissues, and Organs Help Us?
  5. Heating the Surface of the Earth
  6. How Water Affects the World: Modeling a Watershed and the Water Cycle
  7. Migrating Continents
  8. Take a Walk Through the Solar System
  9. Looking Inside of a Plant Cell
  10. Making Versus Breaking Sugars

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