For the love of science, education, and outreach

Kate Stone | President and CEO


Kate grew up on a steady diet of science and nature documentaries. Her academic and professional background has focused on the realms of journalism, education, and science communication. She is driven by her passions for universal STEM education, social benefit, and public outreach initiatives.

Kathryn Kohut | Treasurer and CFO

Kathy KohutKathryn is passionate about travel, foreign languages, cultures, and social sciences. At the age of seven, she wanted to be an anthropologist—before most kids knew what one was. Kathryn’s nearly 20-year career in the education field has centered around teaching and directing English programs, serving in numerous leadership roles including Executive Director, Academic Director,  and School Director. She has worked with prominent international education organizations, such as the US Department of State and the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to develop programs which incorporate language learning and practical application for students. Kathryn brings her nonprofit leadership experience to the board, after serving as the first Executive Director of EnglishUSA, an established national 501(c)(6) membership organization of over 400 intensive English programs.

Michael Stone | Secretary and Tech Advisor

Michael is passionate about blending the playful nature of games with research, education, and lifelong learning. At the age of 14, he built himself a computer. Later, he graduated from the University of the Pacific with honors and a degree in computer science. He has worked in the public and private sectors, including at Sandia National Laboratories and Metaweb Technologies. He helped to reinvent Google Search as part of the team that built the Knowledge Graph. He now works on tools and systems for YouTube Gaming, pausing now and then to make waffles.

Steven Spence | Director and Photographer

steven-spenceAs a teenager, Steven dreamed of becoming an astronomer. He founded a high school science club, won a science decathlon at the local university, and spent countless nights outdoors learning constellations. Steven soon realized professional astronomers spend more time immersed in mathematics and physics than actually observing the sky. He turned to computer programming instead. A highlight was learning C from an engineer who programmed a Voyager camera platform. For fun, Steven learned German, did an exchange year abroad, and eventually wound up living in Germany. Since 2000, he has worked as an IT Manager for B2B and Enterprise Integration at Hewlett Packard. Between 2012 and 2015 he served as Secretary on the Board of Directors for Steven serves in his community at the local music school. He shares photos on Google Plus and contributes general interest articles to GotScience Magazine.

Jonathan Trinastic | Director and Environmental Policy Advisor

jonathan-trinasticJonathan combines his expertise in the physical sciences and psychology with a passion for sharing the wonders of science with a general audience. In addition to conducting peer-reviewed research in physics with a focus on renewable energy materials, he writes for Nature’s Scitable Network and organizes outreach events in his community. Jonathan is currently engaged in a career mixing science and policy and looks forward to using his background to inspire interest in research and science education through Science Connected. He is the project lead for our STEM Education Resource Center.

Shayna Keyles | PR Coordinator and Writer


In Science Connected, Shayna found a way to balance her two passions of communications and being curious. As our PR Coordinator, she explores opportunities for Science Connected to engage with community and media partners. Shayna writes for GotScience Magazine when time permits, primarily about earth sciences and microbiology. She also copyedits for Ulysses Press and serves on the board of SF International Association of Business Communicators.