Science Connected produces honest, engaging, and available science communication and literature about science for educators and lifelong learners, written by scientists and science communicators. The organization as a whole views science as a space for growth, opportunity, community, environmental stewardship, and education.

We do this by creating a collaborative space for researchers, citizen scientists, educators, and science communicators to write about scientific projects that will change our world. And because we also report on the culture and politics surrounding science, we often focus on its human side, offering a place for scientists and community members to tell their stories. In addition to publishing the magazine, Science Connected creates teaching guides, lab manuals, and paperback anthologies.


We live in an era of constant scientific discovery and technological change. Science directly impacts our lives and requires our input as informed citizens and voters. The success of nations depends on building a scientifically literate society and a skilled, STEM-educated workforce.

  • Only 26% of U.S. 12th grade students perform at or above grade level in science.

  • Women make up half of the U.S. college educated workforce, but less than a third work in science and engineering.

  • Minority women comprise only 1 in 10 employed scientists and engineers.

This year, Science Connected donors gave free science lessons and experiments to educators, enabled top scientists to share their knowledge directly with the public, and opened doors to science careers for women and minorities.

But our work is far from finished. In a time when the United States is backing away from commitments to environmental sustainability, awash in “alternative facts,” the need for citizens who understand science is greater than ever. Thus, we ask you to please join us in transforming science education and nurturing scientific research.

Your investment in science education

At Science Connected, we work with scientists and educators to provide children with the scientific knowledge that will help them become the citizens, leaders, and innovators of tomorrow. But that’s not all. We also work with researchers, journalists, universities, and industry leaders to provide cutting-edge research findings to people of all ages who continue to change our world for the better.